No satisfaction in pursuing at the best Sake brewing.

True taste at its best from Koryo-gura in Nara, the birthplace of sake.
Our brewery
Choryo Shuzo is located in Koryo-cho town to the north-west of Nara which is said to be the birthplace of Sake.
Koryo-cho town is surrounded by historic heritages: the shrine dedicated to the God of Sake "Omiwa Jinja" to the east, the holy site of Buddhism origin Asuka-ji to the south, and Horyu-ji temple nominated as a "World Heritage" to the north.
The philosophy of our sake brewing is based on "Shou-dou-mu-kyu-kyoku"(Self- satisfaction shall be avoided for one can always better themselves.) We have been dedicating ourselves to brewing sake that would be appreciated by customers and therefore we pay special attention to rice, water, people and sake brewing.

Sake brewing

Our brewery
Monde selection
From1992, we won 10 gold medals in a row.
From1992,we won 10 gold medals in a row.
National Sake Awards in Japan
We won 10 gold medals in all.
we won 8 gold medals in all.
2009 International Wine Challenge

Tsukihi Kasanete 1992
    Gold Prize and Regional Trophy

Futaho Omachi Tokubetsu Junmai-shu
               Brewed in 2006

2007 International Wine Contest
2007 USA National Sake Appraisal
Omachi Tokubetsu Junmai-shu 
    Golden award of Excellence Junmai
2007 USA National Sake Appraisal
Junmai-ginjo Kawachi Ondo
Grade Junmai-ginjo
Sake meter value+2
This sake was brewed in the best traditional way using only the famous sake rice Omachi harvested in Okayama prefecture. This type of junmai-ginjo brings you very sharp and clear taste, well balanced flavors and of course soft ginjo aroma.
Tokubetsu Junmai-shu Omachi
Grade Tokubetsu Junmai-shu
Sake meter value +2
After being brewed in the best traditional way using only the best Omachi rice, bottled Omachi sake aged in a cool cellar. Its maturity brings out its soft steady and rich aroma. You can enjoy a lingering flavor with a faint junmai sake aroma.
Tokubetsu Junmai-shu Inenokuni No Inenosake
Grade Tokubetsu Junmai-shu
Sake meter value+3

This Junmai shu is handmade from Tsuyubakaze shuzo kotekimai rice at our brewery, “Koryogura”, which is located in Nara the birthplace of Japanese sake.The distinct features of this sake are a pleasant, airy, “quality” scent and a “full-bodied” flavor which is achieved by extracting the taste of the rice. After brewing, it undergoes a low-temperature aging process that takes over 30 months to complete before a mellow flavor is achieved. At this point the now vintage Junmai shu is taken from the aging cellar and each bottle is labeled and individually numbered. The long maturation period leads to a mellower, more rounded, richer and more full-flavored taste.

Yoshinosugino Tarusake
Grade Tarusake (kept in a cedar barrel)
Sake meter value±0

Once upon a time, all sake used to be called Tarusake.
Tarusake is Japanese cedar barrel-flavored sake.
From the beginning of the Edo Period to the end of the Meiji Period (17th – 19th centuries), sake was normally stored in barrels called taru made of cedar. Therefore, in those days sake was simply called tarusake. In 1964, Choryo succeeded in making an excellent tarusake using Yoshino cedar barrels. Since then, for almost 50 years we have been making tarusake in the same traditional way.
Fresh on the palate, and with a pleasant cedar flavor that brings its peculiar richness and well-balanced aroma. “Yoshinosugino Tarusake” brings you the full taste and pleasure of sake.

Sparkling Nigorizake Sawa Sawa
Grade Junmai-shu
(Sparkling sake)
sake meter value-55
This is a sparkling sake made of rice and rice koji. It has carbonic acid gas generated naturally by in- bottle fermentation. And its clear sweetness reminds you of a refreshing champagne.

Long aging Sake
  Tsukihi Kasanete 1992
Sake meter value±0
Beautiful amber-colored sake is the result of the aging at a low temparature for a long period of time of a Honjozo undiluted Sake was brewed in 1992. It has a unique, full-bodied, mild flavor and a rich aroma. This Sake can be enjoyed with a meal, or after with dried figs, bitter chocolate or other desserts.
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Choryo Shuzo Co.,Ltd
Toyohiko Iida
ISO9001 JIS Q 9001 JAB
4Minami, Koryo-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun,Nara 635-0818 JAPAN
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